Ascaso Arc with Inox

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The Arc has a comfortable size and is perfectly adaptable to out home or office. This coffee machine was designed with the medium area of the range in mind although without sacrificing neither its professional performance nor the design . And always, with great simplicity it its daily use.   Features Barista Quality At Home Professional quality coffee group   Made of high quality brass and designed to distribute the heat uniformly for our espresso to have a consistent temperature and for a better extraction.   Thermoblock aluminium + inox ( MOBILE FILTERHOLDER . Options . ground/versatile)   Its high quality means it can reach working temperatures quickly and in succession. Two thermostats control the temperature of the coffee and steam and a resettable thermostat protects the machine from accidental overheating. High capacity. Oversized to guarantee professional thermal stability and provide quality in every cup.   The water circulates through an Inox circuit, reducing lime scale build-up to a minimum.   Provides a limitless supply of steam.   Thermoblock (option aluminium, aluminium + inox brass). Fixed Filterholder (only monodoses).   Only available on our fixed arm system (only Pod). Our fixed arm system provides a professional thermoblock group that together with the exclusive and patented design of the arm enables an easy use and an excellent extraction of the Pods (ESE system). Moreover, the thermoblock enables an unlimited production of steam.